Patiently or should I say impatiently waiting. I have not really made my mind up yet which one it is. We are still waiting on our approval from immigration. Today makes day 47. From the recent trends of other families getting their approvals or letters that more information is needed the wait seems to be under 60 days. So we possibly have another week or more of waiting for our approval. Once we do get our approval we have to get it to Tallahassee to be Apostilled with a few other documents  which usually takes a week or week and half to get back. Depending on our timeline Chris may have to drive up to Tallahassee which is about 5 hours from us. We are in a crunch to be submitted in Baby C’s country no later then March 7th.  So that being said now would be a great time for prays, positive thoughts anything that might help.

We have been doing the slow migration in the house. Our guestroom is being converted into Baby C’s room and our office is going to be our new guestroom/office. I am loving being able to decorate the nursery. I am not loving having to clean out these 2 rooms. I have no idea when we accumulated so much stuff.  Once Baby C’s room is complete I will post a picture for you all.

Soccer season is finally over! It’s always strange to me when soccer ends I feel like ok where am I supposed to be, what are we doing. It’s like we get so used to running all the time when it ends you are relieved but kind of feel a little lost. I know that sounds crazy but it’s always a strange feeling. However I am super proud of Morgan. She was an amazing Team Capitan and she really was able to triumph after her concussion.

The flu has found it’s first and hopefully last victim for our household.  Poor Chris feel ill this past weekend. I am trying my hardest to take care of him and he is fighting it tooth and nail. He is so scared of me getting sick and losing some more of my “maternity leave” he does not want my help. Hopefully he will figure out soon enough he’s getting the help if he likes it or not. You would think the man would realize this by now. It is sweet on the other hand of him to be worried about me even though he is sick. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing husband who will always protect me.

I hope next week I will be able to write with the news of our approval. So fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes, whatever you want to cross for good luck do it.