I wish I could start this off and say the last few weeks have been uneventful but that would be a lie. The past few weeks have been busy from all fronts. First things first we FINALLY had our dreaded Homestudy. I was a nervous wreck the week leading up to it. We all became cleaning machines. Not that we have a dirty house but we wanted everything to be perfect. Plus we had no idea what to expect. Everything that I expected the Homestudy to be was completely wrong. I was honestly worried for nothing. Our case worker was the best. She made the process comfortable and easy. We are extremely lucky to have her on our side. We are currently waiting to receive the Homestudy back then it will be sent off to Immigration. So for now we wait…

While all the Homestudy preparation was happening Morgan was going through soccer tryouts with her school. I am happy to announce not only did Morgan make the JV Soccer team she is the Captain of her team. So we are back in the swing of soccer practice everyday. Then to top it off Morgan FINALLY¬† got her Driving permit.¬† Don’t worry if you are on the streets of Fl. We are keeping her confined to parking lots then we will graduate her to our neighborhood then to the roads. I think we are even going to get her signed up for driving school. To be honest I am a little scared to teach her how to drive so Chris may need to take that over.

Tomorrow is Halloween which I seem to have a strange feeling this year. A feeling of sadness and excitement. We are excited that this will be the last Halloween Baby C will be in an orphanage. Next year we will be joining the Trick or Treaters once again.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween!




This Face

This is the little face I see every time I pick my phone up. This is the face that is driving Chris and I to work so hard to get all this paperwork and running around complete. This little face has no idea he has a big sister that can not wait for him to come home. Morgan told me all she wants to do is hold him. Morgan telling me that really touched my heart. She has accepted this little face as her brother!

As far as our Great paper chase it looks like it is coming to an end. Our Homestudy is this weekend. Once that is complete then we can turn everything into USCIS. Looking at all the boxes checked off but the few for our homestudy are gratifying.

I am constantly thinking and wondering about Baby C. For some reason this past week I have had a few sleepless nights hoping our baby boy is ok. Praying he is ok and that something inside of him knows he has a family working hard to bring him home.  I can honestly say we love this little one and we will do whatever we have to bring Baby C home.






This past week we continued to get those boxes checked off. We really just have a few left 1 being we had to redo our FBI fingerprints. We had them done already with the results back but we found out we needed the results back on the FBI watermark. So that being said since tomorrow is a holiday we should have them back Tuesday to then turn around and mail them off to DC to be Apostilled. We are also still waiting for our Homestudy. Which is a huge piece to the puzzle. Once we get these missing pieces we are complete with the boxes. Well that’s just As far as our great paper chase goes. I was really hoping we would be able to submit all of our documents before the shutdown in Eastern Europe from 12/10 – 1/15. But unfortunately that is not looking very realistic at this point. Before we can submit in EE we have to turn our Homestudy into USCIS and the turn around is about 8 weeks.  I keep reminding myself God has a plan. Everything will workout how it’s supposed to.

This little face is why we are working so hard. This face is what is driving us to get those boxes checked off. Whatever we have to do to bring Baby C home as fast as possible we will do.