Happy Metcha Day

Over the past few months I have started several post but have never been able to complete them for one reason or another. I figured today was the perfect day to finally catch up.

Over the past few months Graeme has really blossomed. He is talking up a storm. He knows his ABCs, the primary colors, he is getting his shapes down and we are working on counting to 20. He loves to sing and tell nursery rhymes. Which all of this amazes me considering we were told he was nonverbal.

We finally received Graeme’s wheels. We got him a stander wheelchair and a basic wheelchair. The stander chair is going to help Graeme build his core muscles. And build his tolerance for standing. We are very excited about this because the goal is for Graeme to walk.

So why did we get a wheelchair?

That answer is simple. Independence. Right now the only way for Graeme to get around is crawling or being carried. So the wheelchair while he is at school has given him independence. He can now be in class with his peers and not get run over by a bunch of 2 year olds. And maybe with him not being on the ground he will not be so sick

Graeme now also has his RGO’s ( reciprocating gait orthotics). This has been some what if a challenge however he is realizing he can stand straight and eventually walk using this with the assistance of a walker.

Graeme has the sweetest nature. He will just hug us out of nowhere. The way he will stop everything and look at us with the most heart enduring smile. It’s like he knows a secret no one else knows.

On this day 1 year ago Chris and I walked into a very quiet Orphanage in Ukraine. As we sat there full of nerves speaking to the doctor our son came into the room. April 17 2018 was the day Graeme finally got to meet his Momma and Dadda.

My favorite picture from our first trip is the one of Graeme and Chris. Graeme is holding Chris’s face looking into his eyes like finally you have come.

Happy Metcha Day baby boy. You will never be alone again. 🐳