Never ending day

Friday Chris and I got ready for our 9:30 pick up. We woke up emotional knowing that was our last day with Baby C. Our morning visit went really well. He showed off his dancing moves. He has a love for music and books. He’s a very smart and inquisitive little one. That visit was one of the best ones. After our visit we went back to our apartment finished packing relaxed a little then off again. For our afternoon visit we had to bring our luggage with us so we could catch the overnight train. Our visit start out like the rest. We played until I realized the baby needed to be changed. I was able to find a Nannie who brought me back into Baby C’s groupa. I saw where he sleeps and I was able to see them bath him. After the nannies got Baby C nice and fresh Chris and I were able to see him take his bottle. We feel extremely lucky to be able to have seen these things not all the parents get that privilege. We played after his dinner and had to say our good byes for now.

I will tell you there was nothing we could of done to prepare ourselves for that heartache. While driving to the train station I was trying not to fall completely apart. There were many tears during that car ride. When we got to our cabin on the train we both had a very hard time. As I am writing this thinking about the events and Baby C I am crying. The overnight train was about 6 hours. I was able to sleep some. We got to the Capital then had our favorite driver pick us up and take us to the airport for our 7am flight Saturday morning. By the time we got to the airport it was about 2 am Saturday morning. When our flight left Baby C’s country the water works came back on. Just thinking about leaving him not being able to get to him was and is devastating. Chris and I did not land in our own beds until Saturday night about 11pm. We were and still are emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted.

We are hoping and praying for a fast court date so we can get back to our boy.




He’s Perfect

Last Tuesday we met Baby C. He’s absolutely perfect in every way.

When we got off the train Tuesday our driver took us to our apartment. We had about 5 mins to freshen up before we left again. From there we were taken to the Orphanage. Walking into the orphanage was very surreal. We were finally there. Our Facilitator lead us to an office where the doctor was. The doctor went over Baby C’s medical history. She went into more details regarding his Spina Bifida. To hear your son has had 2 surgeries and was just released from the hospital is heartbreaking. Baby C gets bronchitis and is sometimes admitted into the hospital. To think of our baby alone in the hospital kills me. While the doctor was going over details they snuck Baby C into the room. He was instantly smiling. They all said what a ladies man he is and I see it. His personality lights up the room. The bond was instant. Everyone commented on how Chris and him favor each other. Baby C was absolutely precious he would hold Chris’s face just looking at him. We were at the orphanage about 2 hours that afternoon.

That evening we walked to the grocery store and picked up a few things for dinner and to snack on. Our experience at the grocery store was very comical. For instance we had no idea you had to request a bag or even the bag size. I was flipping out because there was no Diet Coke. Yes Diet Coke and Star Bucks fuel me. After our shopping adventure we ate and went straight to bed.

Wednesday through Friday evening Chris and I feel into a routine. I am a morning person at home. Usually I am up at the crack of dawn so why stop that habit in another time zone. Every morning I would get up make my coffee and catch up with messages and watch the people in the park from our apartment window. Our driver would pick us up about 9:30 to take us to our visit with Baby C. During our morning visit the baby was always a little sleepy so we tried to keep him active. We had our visits usually in a therapy room which was nice to see. After our visit we would go back to our apartment for lunch or we would walk downtown for lunch then rest. About 3:30 we would be picked for our afternoon visit. Baby C was always ready to play. One afternoon we even got to stroll to grounds of the orphanage. After our visit we would walk to dinner or eat in. Then settle in for the night. Then repeat…

We are absolutely in love!



We are here

Chris and I arrived to Eastern Europe Sunday after a very long and exhausting flight.

Monday we had our DAP appointment which went very well. We found out a little bit more about Baby C. In cases of international adoption a little bit of information is actually a lot of information. You are sooo thankful to just know anything. One piece of information we did receive was huge. We found out how Baby C became an orphan. I can’t tell the story just yet but I will say it’s not what we expected at all. It truly broke my heart.

Chris and I were able to explore the city a little in between appointments. Which has been very exciting. On our last appointment we picked our referral up which is your ticket to the orphanage. After that we went back to our apartment packed then went to dinner. After dinner we actually got to meet up with another family who is adopting. It’s nice to be able to sit down with another couple who understands what you are going through. I feel very fortunate we had a chance to talk with them.

Tuesday morning which is today our driver picked us up at 5:40am to get on the train to Baby C’s region. We are currently about an hour away from him. Sitting here I have some many emotions. After all these months we are finally here. Our baby boys world is going to change and our world is also changing. Baby C has no idea he has a big sister waiting for him halfway around the world. That his momma and daddy are in route to meet him. That we have been working hard to be able to bring him home. To give him the life he deserves to have and the love every child should have.