Never ending day

Friday Chris and I got ready for our 9:30 pick up. We woke up emotional knowing that was our last day with Baby C. Our morning visit went really well. He showed off his dancing moves. He has a love for music and books. He’s a very smart and inquisitive little one. That visit was one of the best ones. After our visit we went back to our apartment finished packing relaxed a little then off again. For our afternoon visit we had to bring our luggage with us so we could catch the overnight train. Our visit start out like the rest. We played until I realized the baby needed to be changed. I was able to find a Nannie who brought me back into Baby C’s groupa. I saw where he sleeps and I was able to see them bath him. After the nannies got Baby C nice and fresh Chris and I were able to see him take his bottle. We feel extremely lucky to be able to have seen these things not all the parents get that privilege. We played after his dinner and had to say our good byes for now.

I will tell you there was nothing we could of done to prepare ourselves for that heartache. While driving to the train station I was trying not to fall completely apart. There were many tears during that car ride. When we got to our cabin on the train we both had a very hard time. As I am writing this thinking about the events and Baby C I am crying. The overnight train was about 6 hours. I was able to sleep some. We got to the Capital then had our favorite driver pick us up and take us to the airport for our 7am flight Saturday morning. By the time we got to the airport it was about 2 am Saturday morning. When our flight left Baby C’s country the water works came back on. Just thinking about leaving him not being able to get to him was and is devastating. Chris and I did not land in our own beds until Saturday night about 11pm. We were and still are emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted.

We are hoping and praying for a fast court date so we can get back to our boy.




2 thoughts on “Never ending day

  1. I can only imagine the pain of leaving your child in a foreign Country and knowing that you won’t see him again until they let you. Happy that it went well but sad that it had to end. I’ll pry for a quick court date.

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