2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago today we got to meet our little man. It almost seems like a lifetime ago. There has been many of tears in the 2 weeks, many pictures looked at, many videos watch and many stories told. Baby C is apart of us now in every way.

For the past 2 weeks we have been busy getting back to everyday life with work and school. We have also been trying to get everything prepared for our next trip in case this is our last trip. If this is our last trip we will be in country with Baby C a few weeks before we can come home. If this is not our last trip we will only be there a few days for court then come back home. What we are currently waiting for is our court date. And from what we understand that could come any day. So that being said we have been running around almost every night making sure Baby C has what he needs. We have also been buying all the goodies for everyone who has helped with Baby C. Every time I cross something off my list it seems like I add 2 things onto it.

Hopefully we will find out this week about court and our trips. Chris and I are ready to get back to our baby boy and for him to be with us forever.




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