We are here

Chris and I arrived to Eastern Europe Sunday after a very long and exhausting flight.

Monday we had our DAP appointment which went very well. We found out a little bit more about Baby C. In cases of international adoption a little bit of information is actually a lot of information. You are sooo thankful to just know anything. One piece of information we did receive was huge. We found out how Baby C became an orphan. I can’t tell the story just yet but I will say it’s not what we expected at all. It truly broke my heart.

Chris and I were able to explore the city a little in between appointments. Which has been very exciting. On our last appointment we picked our referral up which is your ticket to the orphanage. After that we went back to our apartment packed then went to dinner. After dinner we actually got to meet up with another family who is adopting. It’s nice to be able to sit down with another couple who understands what you are going through. I feel very fortunate we had a chance to talk with them.

Tuesday morning which is today our driver picked us up at 5:40am to get on the train to Baby C’s region. We are currently about an hour away from him. Sitting here I have some many emotions. After all these months we are finally here. Our baby boys world is going to change and our world is also changing. Baby C has no idea he has a big sister waiting for him halfway around the world. That his momma and daddy are in route to meet him. That we have been working hard to be able to bring him home. To give him the life he deserves to have and the love every child should have.




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