This past week we continued to get those boxes checked off. We really just have a few left 1 being we had to redo our FBI fingerprints. We had them done already with the results back but we found out we needed the results back on the FBI watermark. So that being said since tomorrow is a holiday we should have them back Tuesday to then turn around and mail them off to DC to be Apostilled. We are also still waiting for our Homestudy. Which is a huge piece to the puzzle. Once we get these missing pieces we are complete with the boxes. Well that’s just As far as our great paper chase goes. I was really hoping we would be able to submit all of our documents before the shutdown in Eastern Europe from 12/10 – 1/15. But unfortunately that is not looking very realistic at this point. Before we can submit in EE we have to turn our Homestudy into USCIS and the turn around is about 8 weeks.  I keep reminding myself God has a plan. Everything will workout how it’s supposed to.

This little face is why we are working so hard. This face is what is driving us to get those boxes checked off. Whatever we have to do to bring Baby C home as fast as possible we will do. 




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