The Aftermath

It’s been a few weeks since my last update. Things around here have been pretty crazy. Lets just start with the obvious Hurricane Irma. The morning before Hurricane Irma made her lovely debut I woke up with an awful soar throat. However seeing we needed to get things done around the house there was no down time at all. Sunday morning we started to get rain and slight winds. While I felt absolutely awful. My sore throat now is accompanied by nonstop coughing, aching body, fever, pretty much everything you don’t want especially during a hurricane. The hurricane did end up turning and it was coming for us. All the reports all week said it would be more east but that was not the case anymore. About 8pm  Morgan and myself did end up in our “safe room” which is really the hallway outside Morgan’s bedroom. Chris was manning down the fort in the living room. The weather got extremely bad and it was pretty scary listening to the wind and rain. Our power did unfortunately go off. All day Sunday it flickered but Sunday night it finally went out.  Monday morning when daylight came we really got to go outside in the yard to access the damage we were pleasantly surprised. No major damage at all. Our power was out for a good 24 hours. Our cell phones did not work well at all VERY spotty service for about a week. And the ultimate worst part about everything for our wonderful 15 year old was no cable or internet for 13 days!. YES 13 whole days! Chris and I thought Morgan was going to literally dye of boredom. It also did not help that during that time there was no school for a week so she was home all day.  I am actually still not recovered from the crazy cold I had. I still have this cough and a runny nose. Hard to recover and get some down time when you are trying to put your house back together. But all and all our town was extremely fortunate it could of been a lot worse.

On to another note during the past few weeks I never thought I would get some much satisfaction in checking boxes off. We seem to be moving along quite well and accomplishing many things with bringing home Baby C. We have sent papers to Immigration and over sea’s. We are almost complete with our Home study packet which was pretty big. Just a few items left to go. I am always questioning myself trying to make sure I am doing everything correct. I am probably driving our facilitator Nancy from crazy. But she is the best always is extremely helpful and answers all my questions.  Every box we check off means one step closer to Baby C. So check check check……

We are trying to get to you as fast as we can Baby boy. You have a family here that already loves you very much!!!






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