As I am sitting here tonight watching the news my mind is going a million miles a minute. Chris put all the hurricane shutters up which is really a strange feeling not to have natural light in the house.  We don’t really know what to expect but we do know bad weather is coming this way. As for now Sarasota looks as though we will be in the cone of the storm. Which it is natural for anyone to worry about their family and house. However these days I seem to be worried about a few extra things. I find myself always trying to figure out what time it is in Eastern Europe. Thinking about Baby C and him always being 7 hours a head of us. So every morning when I get up and start getting ready for work it is lunch time for him. I am always wondering what time he got up, what did he eat for breakfast, what’s he eating for lunch, did he sleep well the previous night. What if there was a storm is he scared of thunder? I am constantly running all different scenario’s in my mind. So tonight my mind is racing thinking about this monster Hurricane that is going to run through Fl and I am wondering/worrying about our Baby boy.

Please take the time to pray for the people who have been and will be affected by Irma. Also please pray for all of our sweet innocent angels who have been orphaned in EE.






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