West Family of 4

Yes that’s right! We will be a family of 4! Chris has been bugging me for years to start a blog. I can tell you I never thought this would be the blog I would start. We are over joyed to announce that we are currently in the process of adopting a beautiful baby boy from an Orphanage in Eastern Europe. He has Spina Bifida and is about 1 years old.

A few months ago while on Instagram I fell down the rabbit hole. I somehow ended up reading  blogs from the Cox Family. This family is truly amazing. They have adopted 2 children from Eastern Europe. After reading their inspiring stories that lead me to another website. Reece’s Rainbow! The more I read the more I wanted to learn about these poor orphaned children. My heart was truly breaking for all these innocent angels.  Did you know in Eastern Europe if Children are born with special needs they are considered a curse. They are usually sent to live in Baby house (orphanage) until the age of 4-5 which at the point the child are sent to an Adult Mental Institution. And the conditions are absolutely terrible. Chris and I talked about the idea of adopting from EE. I secretly think he really thought I was losing my mind. There was and still is A LOT of what if’s. But the minute we saw that sweet face everything changed for both of us. We both knew that was our son.

If you would of asked me 6 months ago if I would be on this journey I would of probably laughed at you. But here we are. And here we are with all of our heart breaking unanswered prayers from the past few years of why we could not get pregnant. it used to drive me crazy when people would say everything happens for a reason. Well I am here to say yes it truly does. Chris and I got our answer finally. Our son is waiting for us to take him home from half way around the world .


I will be updating with more details and you can always go to Handofhelpinadoption.org or Reece’s Rainbow for more information.





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