Last night as my family and I sat at the Candle Lite Christmas Eve Service it hit me. I realized at that moment in time it was actually Christmas already for Baby C. My mind began to wonder about our baby boy. He has no Daddy, no Momma, no sister, no Grandparents, no one to love him and to be with him on Christmas. No one to help him realize the magic of Christmas and all the miracles that truly do come with this season. It has hurt my heart to think this is the 2nd Christmas he is alone. However this WILL be his last Christmas alone and that thought does bring joy to my heart.  Even though we have very limited information on Baby C he is apart of our everyday lives. And next Christmas he is going to be showered with lots of love.

Many of you may want to know the updates of bringing Baby C home. Chris and I had our Fingerprints done last week for Immigration. Which is GREAT news! Immigration has had our Home study for a few weeks. And now that they have our fingerprints we hopefully will receive our approval letter soon. Getting the approval letter soon is the part that we need that Christmas Miracle. The turn around time for them was about 75 days. So fingers crossed it will not take that long. Once we get that approval letter we can submit that one last piece of paper to the country Baby C is in then we wait for our travel dates. We are hoping and praying to travel in the Spring time. There are always constant changes and delays. So we have tried to expect the unexpected. Which seems to be harder for me then Chris. I am the organized one who likes to plan. Chris is more easy breezy go with the flow guy. When I think about this whole process I think about it in 3 parts.  We are not in the home stretch of part 1 just yet. But we are very close. Once we get that approval letter from Immigration I would consider us in that Home stretch for Part 1 of this journey.

I truly hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

christmas 2017




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