Sick, sick and sick

The past few months have flown by. We have been extremely busy. There has been a lot of incredible first and a few scary first.

Graeme has unfortunately been sick a lot the past few months. He has had a number of ear infections and the croup. He’s a very tricky little guy to diagnose. He usually doesn’t run a fever and his pain tolerance is crazy high. The one time he did start to run a fever he literally went from being fine to lethargic within an hour. It was an extremely scary situation that ended with Graeme’s first trip to The Emergency room. Which he loved being wheeled on the gurney through the hospital yelling weee. By that point the medicine they gave him while we were waiting to be transferred to the ER from Urgent Care had kicked in. And to think we were actually concerned it didn’t get in his system because he threw up all over me (The joys of motherhood). That trip to the ER was actually a wasted and upsetting trip. The diagnosis was unknown fever. I was not a happy Momma. I kept saying there was something wrong. My gut was saying double Ear Infection and Croup with possible UTI. We got Graeme into his doctor the following morning with a confirmed diagnosis of Ear Infection and Croup.

Luckily Graeme had a couple weeks to recover before his first Halloween. I will go on record and say Graeme was the cutest monkey I have ever seen. He really enjoyed Halloween.

We attended a holiday kick off that was complete with fireworks. Which was another first for our little man. We had a blast watching him watch the fireworks. He was thoroughly amazed.

Graeme did not skip a beat either. He went from pointing out Every pumpkin and saying pumpkin pumpkin to Santa Santa. He has really gotten into the holiday spirit. He loves wearing Santa hats everywhere.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving. Graeme was unfortunately sick again so it was nice to be able to let him rest as much as possible.

During all of Graeme’s sicknesses Morgan still has soccer everyday. Graeme loves to pick Morgan up from soccer practice. Soccer games this year are a little different with Chris and myself splitting the games. Ever since Morgan’s concussion last year I find myself holding my breath when she on the field playing. We are about half way through the season so far all has been well.

Tomorrow marks the 6th month anniversary of Graeme being an American citizen. It’s still hard to believe he has not been here with us his whole life. Tomorrow we also have some bladder testing which is very standard for kids with Spina Bifida. We will be very happy when this testing is over.

This holiday season is going to be a joyous and magical time. We are going to enjoy every moment this very special season.

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