In Closing…

For some time now I have been contemplating what to write or if I write at all. So here it goes…

2 years ago my family and I embarked on a beautiful journey. One that took us half way around the world to bring home our beautiful effervescent baby boy.


I have said this many of times and I will always stand by this statement: The adoption process will test you and your family in every way possible.


Bringing home a child who has been institutionalized is not for the birds. This is extremely difficult. It’s so hard to watch your child fight demons that only he knows. You feel so helpless as a parent not being able to take their pain away. One of the most aggravating and frustrating parts of this is the lack of understanding from others. No matter how much you try to explain different behaviors or why different situations are just to be avoided there is a major lack of understanding. We are not trying to keep Graeme in a bubble however that bubble is his safe place and he needs that.  This past year his bubble has gotten bigger but there are times we need to make his bubble smaller. Graeme was still in an Orphanage longer then he has been in a family. We will celebrate the day Graeme has been home with his family longer than the Orphanage.


We have been extremely fortunate with Graeme. I truly believe he was born to be in our family. I cannot imagine our lives without this precious baby boy.


I have seen several families truly struggle after they have gotten home with their children. And my heart has gone out to these families. It is not always easy it’s actually more common for it to not be easy. 


If you are considering adopting especially a child with special needs, do your homework. Educate yourself about behaviors of institutionalized children. Follow different families and their stories. I have honestly learned so much and I am still learning from the families who have adopted or from different Spina Bifida families. Most of all ask questions.


Adopting is the most rewarding yet loneliest thing I have ever done. Unfortunately not a lot of people do understand what you are going through or how you feel. I feel like I honestly don’t have the friends that I once did. Life happens people go on different unexpected journeys. I know I can say 100% I am not the same person I was when we started this journey. And I can say I am still forever changing not all because of this journey but I am also getting older. I view and look at things differently than I did 10 years ago. Which this is ok because that is part of my journey. I want to be the best person I can possibly be at the end of the day not only for myself but for Chris, Morgan and for Graeme.


And Speaking of Morgan this coming school year is going to be starting with her as a Senior in High School.

I am not sure how this has happened. Morgan was just Graeme’s age. I just blinked and I have a young adult on my hands.

I did have Morgan extremely young. Part of me feels like we grew up together but also she made me grow up. Morgan was my saving grace when I needed one the most. I am excited and scared to see my baby girl growing into a Beautiful young adult. I hope and pray she does not make the same mistakes I did while being young and dumb.

I can only give her the tools let’s hope she uses them.


I want to say Thank You for taking the time to read our blog. I have been extremely touched and honored that this blog is read from people all around the world. Which that still blows my mind. With that being said I have come to the VERY hard decision to not continue this blog. It has been hard for me to keep up with the blog and our Instagram page while also working a fulltime job and let’s face it life. I try not to repeat anything from Instagram to the blog and I am finding it more and more difficult to not repeat things. I do love to post daily videos in my Insta Stories and I post about all our happening. So I think it will be easier if I do blog style posting on Instagram moving forward. 


If you are not following along already please join us on Instagram @ Allthingspossible25


We want to Thank Each of you again from the bottom of our hearts for following our Beautiful and Amazing Journey.



The West  Family of 4



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