February 27th

Tuesday February 27th was the day our Dossier was submitted to Baby C’s country! We are ecstatic about this news. Some of you might be asking ok what now? Now we wait for our travel dates. And the unfortunate thing is we have no idea when that might be. The Department of Adoption in Baby C’s country has not been giving any dates out lately. The good news is that when they do start to give those dates back out we should get ours fairly fast since we have been submitted expedited. Once we get that date Chris and I are gone. We get to go meet Baby C. Just thinking about that moment makes me emotional.

On the Home front we have been busy. Morgan’s High School Soccer season came to an end just in time for her to play recreational soccer. We only got about 2 weeks off in between seasons. I would rather her be busy than getting into typical teenage trouble. Chris and I have been putting the finishing touches on Baby C’s room. I promise I will post pictures for everyone to see.




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