3 weeks


Today has been 3 weeks we have been submitted to Baby C’s country. Which means 3 weeks of jumping every time the phone rings. 3 weeks of being on pins and needles. 3 weeks of wondering is this the day. So here we are 3 weeks waiting for that phone call that will change our lives forever. Hopefully we will hear something this week if not then we should next week. Chris and I are more then ready to get to Eastern Europe.

We have been busy around the house getting Baby C’s room ready. Which his room is almost complete just a few finishing touches left. It was a lot of fun decorating for a little boy. That is completely out of my comfort zone but I got the hang of it.

Morgan had her 16th Birthday. I am still trying to figure that one out. It does not seem possible at all. Time truly does fly before your eyes. Morgan has grown into a beautiful young lady. Chris and I are extremely proud of her and we can not wait to see what the future holds for her.

Below as promised are pictures of Baby C’s room and one of Morgan from her Birthday.

I will keep everyone informed when we get that call.








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