We are off

Last week we got the call our court date is this week. We had another short notice so Chris and I have been running around like maniacs. It’s very hard to pack light for ever changing weather. Also we are not only packing for ourselves we have a little one to pack for. I think I packed more for Baby C than I did for myself. This trip is also going to be a long one. So we are having to pack for a few weeks. Needless to say our suitcases are jammed full.

Leaving our house this morning knowing the next time we return we will have Baby C in tow was an awesome feeling. I am ready to have both my children in the same country.

The past few weeks have been extremely hard. Your heart is constantly torn. You constantly have people asking you questions or if you have heard anything. I know people mean well but that’s been one of the hardest things to handle when you don’t have an answer and your heart is breaking.

We are on the final end of this chapter and we could not be anymore excited to start the new chapter. But first court…




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