Sorry for the long delay in post. Since court we have been on the go. We went to court May 17th. So let’s rewind a bit.

Chris and I arrived to Eastern Europe later then expected. After delayed flights, having to change airports to another town and changing airlines we finally arrived. While we were collecting our luggage we realized 1 suitcase was missing. Can you guess which one was missing? That’s right it was mine. I had no clothes! Baby C had all his toys in my bag and half his clothes. After traveling for 24+ hours that’s the last thing you want to happen. I was trying my best to fight back tears and communicate with the baggage claim representative to file my claim.

Since I had no clothes for court after we left the airport we went shopping. Which I love shopping! However when you are exhausted to the max and upset plus in a foreign country it’s not fun. The shopping experience was very overwhelming for me. I like to do my own thing and I don’t do well with people constantly coming at me. But I managed to get through it.

The next day Chris and I took the fast train to where Baby C is. We got to have an afternoon visit with him. It was so wonderful to be able to be back with him.

Court Day I woke up so nervous. What if we went and the judge decided we were not good enough for Baby C? I had a million things flying around in my head.

As we got to the courthouse the whole seen is completely different from what we are used to in the States. While in the courtroom Chris and myself were asked a series of questions. We had 2 ladies who were jurors. One of them was smiling the whole time which put me at ease. The court session lasted about 20 mins. The Judge came back into the courtroom and announced we had been granted the rights and read Baby C’s new full name. At that moment Chris and I were brought to tears.

After court we were able to have our afternoon visit. That visit seemed different from the rest. Baby C knew from the start who we were and wanted to stay with us when it was time to go back.

Welcome to our family Graeme Christopher.




6 thoughts on “Court

  1. Ever since Chris told me what you all were doing, I have been following your blog with total interest. How very lucky and blessed the two of you, Morgan and Graeme are. I wish you lives filled with much joy and fulfillment. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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  2. He is beautiful! And he does look like you and your family. God just sent him to be part of your family in a different way. Best of luck and love with your new son.

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