Gotcha Day

Monday May 21 2018 Graeme got busted out of the Orphanage!

Monday morning I woke up early. I couldn’t sleep I wanted to make sure the apartment was clean and I had everything packed to take to the orphanage. Like a baby is going to know if the apartment is clean? Crazy the thoughts that run through your head at these moments in your life. Our lives changed the moment we saw Graeme’s picture for the first time. Which happened to be this past July while Chris, Morgan and myself were on vacation in Key West. But today our lives were going to physically change.

We got picked up from our apartment by our Facilitator which happens to be awesome. She really fought for Graeme to get out of the orphanage. And she went above and beyond for our family.

When we got to the orphanage Chris and I were lead to Graeme’s groupa. This is where we handed out the Nannies gifts and we got to get Graeme ready to go. After we got him ready and he said his goodbyes in that area we went to the Doctors office. They gave use 2 pairs of special shoes for Graeme that help push his feet out and the Nannies also made him a book filled with a few pictures and personal information. We had a lot of visitors come into that office to say their farewells to our little man. Walking Graeme through the hallway was extremely emotional knowing he will never have to know that life again. It seemed to take forever to get to the car everyone was coming out for him. The doctors did tell use he was the favorite and he’s a very special boy.

When we finally got in the car it was very hard to see one of the Nannies sobbing as we drove away. We did promise to email updates and pictures.

Graeme’s first night went extremely well. He slept for about 9.5 hours. Graeme’s personality lights up the room. He is a true blessing. He’s genuinely excited about everything and it brings joy to your heart just watching him.

We are currently still in country waiting for our little mans passport. Hopefully we will be coming home next week.




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