The past few days

The past few days have been going extremely well. Tuesday was Graeme’s first full day out. I woke up that morning with a touch of a stomach bug. Many of the families seem to get this bug when they travel over here. With it being Graeme’s first day out and my stomach bug we decided to stay in. So we played all day and everyone was perfectly happy.

Wednesday I woke up feeling so much better. We decided to be adventurous and walked to Gorky Park. Graeme loved every minute of it. He’s so happy about just being pushed in the stroller people were actually waving at him when we walked by.

Gorky Park is absolutely beautiful! Graeme wanted to touch all the statues. I took him on his first carousel ride. He was not to sure about it at first but then of course loved it. We ate lunch at the park and of course he was good. After lunch we headed back to the apartment and Graeme was sleeping like a rock by the time we got back.

Thursday we decided to stay in. We think it will be best to limit activities to maybe every other day for right now. Graeme is extremely smart. He picks things up very fast. We are trying to teach him now that we are his mamma and daddy. And we get him to FaceTime with Morgan and we show him pictures of her all the time. It’s important for him to learn we are his people.

We are hoping to get Graeme’s passports soon. We need to get home and get Graeme to the doctor. He has some issues with his feet that need to be addressed as soon as possible. On top of that Morgan really is having a hard time with us being gone which kills me. And I am having a hard time being away from her. This is the longest we have ever been apart. And yesterday I officially became home sick. Chris and I are those people who love to be home. Our vacations are usually 4 days. So this is very major being gone like this but it is worth it. We are all making sacrifices in order to bring Graeme home.




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