Still no Passport

This past week we have been waiting in Graeme’s region for his passport. We have fallen into a routine for the most part. It gets daylight here around 4:30am. So this early bird always wakes up thinking it’s a lot later than it really is.

The past few days have been difficult waiting. Chris and I felt like it was time for us to go to the Capital and wait. We need to get home not only for Graeme but also for Morgan. She has been having some medical issues that need to be addressed.

If the passport doesn’t arrive today then we are stuck here till next week. And honestly we don’t want that. My poor mom has been staying at our house while we have been gone. We are so thankful for her helping us during this time. I know she wants to get back to her house and her life. Also the sooner we get home the sooner Graeme gets the medical care he needs.




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