Weekend Happenings

Last Thursday night we arrived in Kiev by train. This was Graeme’s first train ride. We had our own cabin which was nice so Graeme could get crazy in. He literally went from 100 to zero in no time. He enjoyed looking out the window and watching the world go by. By the time we get to Kiev it was late so we went to our Apartment and straight to bed.

Friday morning we got up and went directly to the US Embassy. People were lined up outside the Embassy to get in. I am not really sure what I thought the Embassy would be like. The only time I have ever seen the US Embassy in another country is what I have seen on tv or in movies. The doors to the Embassy are extremely thick steel and extremely heavy. You have to go through security then head to another part that reminded me of the DMV. You take your number and they call you. We were lucky number 815. They actually called our number pretty fast. It helped that we were prepared and I already had all the necessary forms filled out. So our 1st Embassy appointment was pretty fast.

After our Embassy appointment we went to Graeme’s Medical appointment. The medical appointment is nothing but a physical. Graeme got weighed and measured. Then the doctor did his exam. Our almost 2 year old only weighs 22lbs. He is a tiny little one which is okay me. Just means I can baby him longer. Once the medical exam was completed we ate lunch at a lovely restaurant with Vitaliy then went shopping.

Saturday we decided to go explore a little. We went to a mall then had an early dinner at an Authentic Ukrainian Restaurant.

Sunday was fun we went to the Park of Eternal Glory and met up with another family. Graeme and his new buddy Asher were both listed on Reeces Rainbow. They are only a few weeks in age apart. Asher walked up to Graeme and Graeme just wanted to hold his hand. It was adorable. The boys had a lot of fun playing on the playground together. This was the first time Chris and I have been able to watch Graeme play with a child his age. Graeme wants to walk and play with the other kids so bad. He kept pulling himself up. As a parent it makes you sad to see your child can’t do what others are doing however I will tell you this little boy is determined. You can see his determination by just watching him. This precious boy will walk! If there’s a will there’s a way. He is now with a family who will never tell him he can’t.

Graeme facts:

Graeme is incredibly smart. Chris and I are in trouble. He is saying a few words already like Dadda, Mamma, sissy. He trying to say his name and that only comes out as Gee. He also try’s to say Bella and Eddie (our dogs names). He has been trying to say I love you. Which is so stinking cute to hear. And he says Masha for his favorite cartoon Masha and the Bear.

He really seemed to understand us a lot.

He loves to give kisses now. And I think Chris is paying him because Graeme actually likes to pull our arms or push our heads so chris and I will kiss each other. Graeme will just look at us and smile.

Graeme loves to blow kisses.

He loves animals and also music.

He can crawl all over the place.

He is saying Ear, nose and eyes and will point to all of those.

We have only found 1 food so far he doesn’t like which is cauliflower.

Everyday he does something new. It is amazing and a true blessings to watch this beautiful baby boy.




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