Passport Arrived

Graeme’s passport arrived Monday evening. Which meant we could finish up with Graeme’s final Embassy appointment and go home.

Tuesday morning we went back to the US Embassy to get Graeme’s visa. After our appointment we went back to our hotel and finished packing. Our flight was booked and we were leaving Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning we got picked up at 4am and headed to the airport. We said our goodbyes to Vitaliy and to Ukraine. As we boarded our first flight it was a very humbling emotion. Chris and I were leaving with this little angel from Ukraine. Graeme did extremely well on the flight once we were moving.

We gate checked our stroller in Kiev expecting it to be waiting for us in Vienna. To our surprise we found out our stroller was checked to our final destination. This is not what you want trying to carry a squirming 2 year old and navigating through an airport.

As we boarded our flight from Vienna to Newark I was concerned how Graeme would do on this 9 hour flight. And I was also concerned with how we were going to manage getting through customs, collecting and rechecking luggage and going through security all while holding a baby and only 1 1/2 hour layover.

Our long flight went better then expected. Graeme slept and played. About 6 hours into the flight he got fussy. But really for his age I think that’s normal. Chris got up with Graeme and walked a little bit. I was blessed with having to learn how to change several diapers in that teeny tiny bathroom. That was a lot of fun to say the least. Graeme really did well Chris and I were both surprised.

Our flight to Newark was late arriving. Passport Control was crazy busy. Let’s talk about how much fun it was trying to hold Graeme waiting in line since we had no stroller. There was only 4 lines open so it took a while to get through the line. By this point Chris and I knew there was no possible way we would make our flight. Once we got through the line and collected our luggage we got booked on the next flight. By this point we were all overly tired and just wanted to be home. Our new flight was actually leaving the time we were supposed to of been home.

By the time we got on the plane Graeme was just over all of it. And honestly who can’t blame him. Poor thing had a huge meltdown before take off then passed out. Chris and I were not long behind. Our flight got in about 9:30 pm. Then we had an hour car ride to get to our house.

All of our luggage arrived but the stroller.

Chris and I had been gone for 23 days.

We waited for Graeme’s passport 17 days – 11 business day there was a holiday in there.

And Graeme had been with Chris and I for 17 days before getting to his forever home.

We are all extremely happy to be home as a family of 4.




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