To be loved

We have been home for 3 busy weeks. I have been trying to find the time and the words for this post. The time has come but I am not sure I have the appropriate words.

I am still in awe of our little man. When we left Ukraine is when I was finally able to completely process what Chris and I had done.

We gave Graeme the everlasting love of a family. He was born to be a son, our son. He is worthy to live a fulfilling life. A happy and healthy life. We will make sure he gets the proper medical care he needs.

When we first met Graeme there was an instant connection. It’s like he knew who we were. It’s always been easy.

I am not exactly sure when it happened but I love him with every fiber in my body just like I love Morgan.

When I look back on that first encounter to today that big bright light in Graeme’s eyes has only grown bigger and brighter. Graeme is amazing. He has a very special soul that is truly hard to find these days.

I could never imagine our lives without him. Our family it truly blessed. We needed Graeme as much as he needed us.

This is not the end of our story. We have only just started…




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