The Big 2

Well folks we have an official 2 year old. Today will be Graeme’s first Birthday home and birthday party complete with a Masha and the Bear Birthday cake.

You can not imagine what it means to us that Graeme is home for his special day. This is something I hoped and prayed for during our process. I did not want him to have another birthday without a family and stuck in an orphanage.

In the short time Graeme has been home he has grown leaps and bounds. He is an extremely smart little boy. He observes everything! Chris and I are in big trouble.

Graeme is amazing us with all the words he has picked up in the short time he has been with us. Of course my favorite is momma and when he tries to say I love you.

He loves animals. Especially woof woofs(dogs)

His favorite food is bananas

He LOVES Masha and the Bear

He loves books

We cannot wait to see what this next year brings.

Happy Birthday precious boy🐳 We love you more than all the fish in the sea🐳




3 thoughts on “The Big 2

  1. Happy Birthday Graeme! You and your Mommy and Daddy and sister, Morgan, are blessed to have one another. May God bless you all today and always. Your journey brings tears to my eyes.

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