The Next Step

It’s hard to imagine that 2 months ago yesterday we walked out of the Orphanage with Graeme. It truly seems like he has been with us this whole time. I can not imagine our lives without this precious baby boy. He is absolutely perfect in everyway.

The past 2 months have flown by. From our stay in Ukraine. Which was extremely life changing. From our time back home getting Graeme and ourselves adjusted to the new norm. From the countless doctor visits. And especially from our  bonding time.

Graeme has adjusted very well with learning how to be in a family. We are still working on things with him. He lived in an Orphanage for 22 months that does not come without trauma. He is better then he was 2 months ago. We have bad days but mostly we have good days.

Graeme is learning extremely fast. I have said this many of times but this kid is smart. I absolutely love being able to spend my days with him teaching him new things. It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

Adopting Graeme has been a true blessing for our family. If you ever thought about adopting you need to just do it. Of course if you are like me do your research first. Reece’s Rainbow has so much helpful information on their website. Also Hand of Help in Adoption has a wonderful website with even greater staff.

I am not going to sit here and tell you how easy of a process it is to adopt. Because it is not easy at all. Adoption will test you, your spouse and family in everyway. You will run into hiccups and bumps in the road. You will run into set backs. You will end up a sobbing mess at some point. But it is all worth it. Saving a life is worth it. When Graeme gives me big hugs and little pats on my back, when he tells me he loves me. That was worth every fight, bump in the road and tear.

I have been struggling with the idea of closing this blog out since we are no longer in the adoption process. However I think I am going to leave it open and change gears into our journey with Spina Bifida.

It has truly amazed me on how much this blog has been read and it amazes me even more from the readers all over the world. I never in my wildest dreams thought this blog would be accessed world wide. I am truly honored and wanted to Thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read about our journey to Graeme aka Baby C.





4 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Thanks for not closing it Tia! It’s so helpful and informative to see how life is both before, during and after adoption. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of your journey.

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  2. I’m happy you are adjusting so well. Adoption is such a unique experience. Because our son was adopted through foster we had already bonded and knew he was a fit for our family long before he was adopted. Not that all kids, biological and adopted don’t come with issues. I’ve always felt lucky to have both biological and adopted because I can say I know without a doubt that you love your adopted child as deeply as biological. It’s been fun watching you all connect and bond.

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