Summer Rewind

It’s still hard to believe what an amazing summer we have had. It’s been filled with every emotion one can possibly have. Everyone keeps saying how lucky Graeme is to be in our family. We truly believe we are the lucky ones.

We have been extremely busy this past summer getting Graeme settled into family life. It really feels like he has been here the whole time.

Graeme is doing extremely well. We have made and continue to make our rounds with All the Doctors. We have been able to cross some doctors off of our list. And unfortunately Graeme has some more test that need to be scheduled.

Right now we are working with his physical therapist on getting Graeme mobile. He finally has his AFO’s(ankle braces). Since we are at the beginning stages we are still working on getting him a wheelchair to help bridge the gap.

I was able to stay with Graeme this summer. I absolutely loved every minute of it. Being able to watch him explore and figure things out and being able to teach him things was a blessing. I really felt like I had a purpose. Now don’t get me wrong or take that the wrong way. But sometimes it’s very easy to lose a piece of yourself when you get wrapped up in everyday life. I was able to find that missing piece this summer I had been looking for.

I constantly get asked how Morgan is doing with Graeme. I can confidently say she’s doing fantastic. She’s an awesome big sister that adores her baby brother. She’s been so helpful.

Morgan went on a dream vacation to Italy this past summer for 2 weeks with my parents. She’s one lucky kid! I would of loved to have gone to Italy.

This school year is pretty major for Morgan. She is now a junior in High School which everyone knows is the most stressful year. She’s going to be busy between school, soccer, SAT, ACT, and all the college nights. I am still not sure how any of this is possible. It literally feels like yesterday I was sending her off to Kindergarten and now we are talking college. So needless to say this is going to be an interesting year.

Oh and did I forget to mention I got the last minute Homecoming announcement again this year. So we have 2 weekends to find a homecoming dress. Ohh the joys…

Chris has been busy with work. He went back to work right after we got home from Ukraine. To have been able to watch the relationship and bond form between Chris and Graeme has been truly wonderful. To see how much Chris loves Graeme makes me love him more than I thought was possible.

We still have a few weeks of official summer so there will be plenty sunning and swimming left.

I will try blog more frequently and I will also do a better job posting to social media.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer🌞




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