He’s Perfect

Last Tuesday we met Baby C. He’s absolutely perfect in every way.

When we got off the train Tuesday our driver took us to our apartment. We had about 5 mins to freshen up before we left again. From there we were taken to the Orphanage. Walking into the orphanage was very surreal. We were finally there. Our Facilitator lead us to an office where the doctor was. The doctor went over Baby C’s medical history. She went into more details regarding his Spina Bifida. To hear your son has had 2 surgeries and was just released from the hospital is heartbreaking. Baby C gets bronchitis and is sometimes admitted into the hospital. To think of our baby alone in the hospital kills me. While the doctor was going over details they snuck Baby C into the room. He was instantly smiling. They all said what a ladies man he is and I see it. His personality lights up the room. The bond was instant. Everyone commented on how Chris and him favor each other. Baby C was absolutely precious he would hold Chris’s face just looking at him. We were at the orphanage about 2 hours that afternoon.

That evening we walked to the grocery store and picked up a few things for dinner and to snack on. Our experience at the grocery store was very comical. For instance we had no idea you had to request a bag or even the bag size. I was flipping out because there was no Diet Coke. Yes Diet Coke and Star Bucks fuel me. After our shopping adventure we ate and went straight to bed.

Wednesday through Friday evening Chris and I feel into a routine. I am a morning person at home. Usually I am up at the crack of dawn so why stop that habit in another time zone. Every morning I would get up make my coffee and catch up with messages and watch the people in the park from our apartment window. Our driver would pick us up about 9:30 to take us to our visit with Baby C. During our morning visit the baby was always a little sleepy so we tried to keep him active. We had our visits usually in a therapy room which was nice to see. After our visit we would go back to our apartment for lunch or we would walk downtown for lunch then rest. About 3:30 we would be picked for our afternoon visit. Baby C was always ready to play. One afternoon we even got to stroll to grounds of the orphanage. After our visit we would walk to dinner or eat in. Then settle in for the night. Then repeat…

We are absolutely in love!




We are here

Chris and I arrived to Eastern Europe Sunday after a very long and exhausting flight.

Monday we had our DAP appointment which went very well. We found out a little bit more about Baby C. In cases of international adoption a little bit of information is actually a lot of information. You are sooo thankful to just know anything. One piece of information we did receive was huge. We found out how Baby C became an orphan. I can’t tell the story just yet but I will say it’s not what we expected at all. It truly broke my heart.

Chris and I were able to explore the city a little in between appointments. Which has been very exciting. On our last appointment we picked our referral up which is your ticket to the orphanage. After that we went back to our apartment packed then went to dinner. After dinner we actually got to meet up with another family who is adopting. It’s nice to be able to sit down with another couple who understands what you are going through. I feel very fortunate we had a chance to talk with them.

Tuesday morning which is today our driver picked us up at 5:40am to get on the train to Baby C’s region. We are currently about an hour away from him. Sitting here I have some many emotions. After all these months we are finally here. Our baby boys world is going to change and our world is also changing. Baby C has no idea he has a big sister waiting for him halfway around the world. That his momma and daddy are in route to meet him. That we have been working hard to be able to bring him home. To give him the life he deserves to have and the love every child should have.



3 weeks


Today has been 3 weeks we have been submitted to Baby C’s country. Which means 3 weeks of jumping every time the phone rings. 3 weeks of being on pins and needles. 3 weeks of wondering is this the day. So here we are 3 weeks waiting for that phone call that will change our lives forever. Hopefully we will hear something this week if not then we should next week. Chris and I are more then ready to get to Eastern Europe.

We have been busy around the house getting Baby C’s room ready. Which his room is almost complete just a few finishing touches left. It was a lot of fun decorating for a little boy. That is completely out of my comfort zone but I got the hang of it.

Morgan had her 16th Birthday. I am still trying to figure that one out. It does not seem possible at all. Time truly does fly before your eyes. Morgan has grown into a beautiful young lady. Chris and I are extremely proud of her and we can not wait to see what the future holds for her.

Below as promised are pictures of Baby C’s room and one of Morgan from her Birthday.

I will keep everyone informed when we get that call.







February 27th

Tuesday February 27th was the day our Dossier was submitted to Baby C’s country! We are ecstatic about this news. Some of you might be asking ok what now? Now we wait for our travel dates. And the unfortunate thing is we have no idea when that might be. The Department of Adoption in Baby C’s country has not been giving any dates out lately. The good news is that when they do start to give those dates back out we should get ours fairly fast since we have been submitted expedited. Once we get that date Chris and I are gone. We get to go meet Baby C. Just thinking about that moment makes me emotional.

On the Home front we have been busy. Morgan’s High School Soccer season came to an end just in time for her to play recreational soccer. We only got about 2 weeks off in between seasons. I would rather her be busy than getting into typical teenage trouble. Chris and I have been putting the finishing touches on Baby C’s room. I promise I will post pictures for everyone to see.



Dossier Complete

The remaining documents of our Dossier came in the mail today. Which means our Dossier is complete! We will be submitted to Baby C’s country the week of February 26. Which means we will be traveling very soon. We are going to have to make 3 trips to Baby C’s country which is going to be extremely difficult. However Chris and I are willing to move mountains for Baby C.

Baby boy we are coming for you🐳⚓️




This past Friday we got our approval from immigration. This is huge! So now we send our final documents off to our state capital to be Apostilled. Once we receive them back we can submit them to Baby C’s country. Which means we will be submitted this month. Then we wait for our travel dates.

We are so very excited! Baby boy we are getting closer and closer to bringing you home.




Patiently or should I say impatiently waiting. I have not really made my mind up yet which one it is. We are still waiting on our approval from immigration. Today makes day 47. From the recent trends of other families getting their approvals or letters that more information is needed the wait seems to be under 60 days. So we possibly have another week or more of waiting for our approval. Once we do get our approval we have to get it to Tallahassee to be Apostilled with a few other documents  which usually takes a week or week and half to get back. Depending on our timeline Chris may have to drive up to Tallahassee which is about 5 hours from us. We are in a crunch to be submitted in Baby C’s country no later then March 7th.  So that being said now would be a great time for prays, positive thoughts anything that might help.

We have been doing the slow migration in the house. Our guestroom is being converted into Baby C’s room and our office is going to be our new guestroom/office. I am loving being able to decorate the nursery. I am not loving having to clean out these 2 rooms. I have no idea when we accumulated so much stuff.  Once Baby C’s room is complete I will post a picture for you all.

Soccer season is finally over! It’s always strange to me when soccer ends I feel like ok where am I supposed to be, what are we doing. It’s like we get so used to running all the time when it ends you are relieved but kind of feel a little lost. I know that sounds crazy but it’s always a strange feeling. However I am super proud of Morgan. She was an amazing Team Capitan and she really was able to triumph after her concussion.

The flu has found it’s first and hopefully last victim for our household.  Poor Chris feel ill this past weekend. I am trying my hardest to take care of him and he is fighting it tooth and nail. He is so scared of me getting sick and losing some more of my “maternity leave” he does not want my help. Hopefully he will figure out soon enough he’s getting the help if he likes it or not. You would think the man would realize this by now. It is sweet on the other hand of him to be worried about me even though he is sick. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing husband who will always protect me.

I hope next week I will be able to write with the news of our approval. So fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes, whatever you want to cross for good luck do it.




Last night as my family and I sat at the Candle Lite Christmas Eve Service it hit me. I realized at that moment in time it was actually Christmas already for Baby C. My mind began to wonder about our baby boy. He has no Daddy, no Momma, no sister, no Grandparents, no one to love him and to be with him on Christmas. No one to help him realize the magic of Christmas and all the miracles that truly do come with this season. It has hurt my heart to think this is the 2nd Christmas he is alone. However this WILL be his last Christmas alone and that thought does bring joy to my heart.  Even though we have very limited information on Baby C he is apart of our everyday lives. And next Christmas he is going to be showered with lots of love.

Many of you may want to know the updates of bringing Baby C home. Chris and I had our Fingerprints done last week for Immigration. Which is GREAT news! Immigration has had our Home study for a few weeks. And now that they have our fingerprints we hopefully will receive our approval letter soon. Getting the approval letter soon is the part that we need that Christmas Miracle. The turn around time for them was about 75 days. So fingers crossed it will not take that long. Once we get that approval letter we can submit that one last piece of paper to the country Baby C is in then we wait for our travel dates. We are hoping and praying to travel in the Spring time. There are always constant changes and delays. So we have tried to expect the unexpected. Which seems to be harder for me then Chris. I am the organized one who likes to plan. Chris is more easy breezy go with the flow guy. When I think about this whole process I think about it in 3 parts.  We are not in the home stretch of part 1 just yet. But we are very close. Once we get that approval letter from Immigration I would consider us in that Home stretch for Part 1 of this journey.

I truly hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

christmas 2017



One Step Closer

Wonderful news we should have our Homestudy back any day. Our Homestudy draft was approved and the final document has been signed by all the powers that be. So our next step which now seems to be the longest is getting the approval from immigration. As it stands right now the wait for their approval is 8 to 10 weeks. We are looking for a miracle that the time frame gets a little better or does not get longer.  Every little delay even if it’s a day is a delay in bringing Baby C home. 

There are a lot of families in Eastern Europe right now being able to bring their little ones home for Christmas. These families could use all the prayers and love right now. If anyone would like to help any of these families you can always go to Reeces Rainbow and look under the pages Almost There or Traveling Now. This is where you can get to know a little about the families. 

On our home front the past month has been a little crazy. Soccer picked up in full swing. The Wednesday before thanksgiving Morgan was playing in a game and got tackled yes tackled by 2 girls. Morgan slammed her head in the ground extremely hard. Morgan did end up with a concussion and has not been able to play soccer in 2 weeks now. The concussion was on the down slide of a nasty cold for Morgan. Poor thing had it rough. The week of Thanksgiving Chris caught the cold Morgan had and was down pretty much most of that week. I was feeling awesome like yes finally these 2 are not getting me sick this time. Well haha that was my mistake Sunday it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been down most of this week. And of course my cold turned into a wonderful sinus infection. But I think I am turning the corner I have more energy today. Yay.

We have also been trying to get the house decorated for my favorite time of the year. And yes this Christmas Baby C will have a stocking hung with the rest of his families along with a few presents. He will be here in our hearts just like he is everyday.